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Hand-Held Short Cannon Shotgun Toy


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Step into the world of playful and imaginative action with the Hand-Held Short Cannon Shotgun Toy. This toy is expertly crafted with a blend of nylon and metal, ensuring a realistic feel that adds authenticity to your child’s playtime adventures. The fine attention to detail is evident in every component of this toy, from the robust metal aluminum gas cylinder to the textured handle.

One of the standout attributes of this toy shotgun is the unique shell ejection process. With a simple press down on the barrel, the shell is ejected, perfectly replicating the mechanism of a real shotgun. This mechanism, coupled with three adjustable shooting modes – single shot on the left, single shot on the right, or a two-pronged shot – creates a dynamic playtime experience.

The Hand-Held Short Cannon Shotgun Toy boasts a considerable shooting range of 10-15 meters, allowing your child to engage in a variety of imaginative scenarios. Whether they’re playing a heroic figure protecting the castle or an explorer on an adventure, the toy shotgun is sure to be a thrilling addition to their pretend play arsenal.

In addition, safety is paramount in the design of this toy. It uses EVA safety soft bullets, ensuring that even during the most exciting playtimes, your child can play freely without the risk of injury.

With the Hand-Held Short Cannon Shotgun Toy, your child’s playtime becomes more than just an activity – it becomes an adventure where imagination meets realism, all within the bounds of safety. So, let them unleash their creativity and immerse themselves in endless hours of fun with this unique and engaging toy.

Note: It will take about 3-4 weeks delivery.