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Maybach S680 Electric Water Cannon


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Revolutionize your water warfare game with the Maybach S680 Electric Water Cannon – the epitome of elegance and performance in water guns. Just like its automotive namesake, this water cannon sets the standard for high-end performance and advanced craftsmanship.

Cradle it in your hands and feel the balanced weight and high-end construction immediately set this water cannon apart from its competitors. A three-speed retractable adjustable stock offers superior comfort and versatility, catering to your unique style of play and allowing swift adaptation to any tactical scenario.

At the heart of this water cannon lies a 2000mAh large-capacity 11.1V battery. With a state-of-the-art TYPE-C interface and waterproof design, this powerful core ensures you’ll never be left high and dry in the heat of battle. It’s not just about lasting longer – it’s about lasting stronger, and the Maybach S680 promises the kind of performance that makes every second count.

Unleash the power of the high-pressure water beam and dominate the battlefield. Simply long press the trigger to increase the air pressure, propelling your water stream up to an impressive range of 20 meters. Your opponents won’t stand a chance against the precision and force of the Maybach S680.

To further enhance your gaming experience, the S680 features an adjustable and modular holographic sight. Aim with unrivaled accuracy and immerse yourself in the thrill of the action. This water cannon is not only about drenching your adversaries but also about achieving the perfect shot every time.

Embrace the Maybach S680 Electric Water Cannon and leave your mark on the world of water warfare. With its unmatched quality, advanced features, and undeniable style, this water gun will make you the envy of every competitor. Elevate your water battles to new heights with the Maybach S680 – where precision meets perfection.

Note: It will be shipped from China, may take about 3-4 weeks delivery

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