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Orbeez Guns

An Orbeez Gun, also known as a splatter ball gun or gel blaster, which is a fun toy gun that shoots orbeez balls and gel pellets. It is the most trending toy in team shooters or shooting skirmishes clubs these days, allowing you and your family and friends to enjoy the great outdoors, whether in the backyard or in the jungle.

What is an Orbeez Gun?

The Orbeez gun is a brand-new type of toy gun. It fires orbeez balls or gel pellets rather than water or paintballs. In function and performance design, the Orbeez blaster is very similar to an airsoft gun, but the muzzle initial speed is relatively lower, making it safer and more suitable for use as a toy.  Nowadays, the orbeez gun no longer uses a manual cock, the shot impact force is usually driven by the motor of the spring piston air pump, with the T-shaped piece installed at the pump port to drive the gear assembly. To supply, this method of pulling the trigger and then firing automatically and continuously caused the orbi gun to quickly gain popularity and become a popular outdoor toy trend.

The projectile that it fired is a 7mm orbeez ball (also as known as water bead, gel ball and orbi ball), which is made of a highly absorbent polymer or resin material and is very inexpensive. After they are immersed in water, they rapidly absorb water and expand to dozens or even hundreds of times their original volume within a few hours. Since this orbeez water bead is more than 98% water, it breaks easily under impact and is unlikely to cause injury when worn with goggles. It is also very easy to clean, as the broken shatter simply degrades after drying.

How to use?

And this popular trend of outdoor toy guns is also very simple to use. Here is a usage summary of the most common gel ball guns on the market, into a general guide for play and use:

  1. Since the process of immersing the gel ball is longer (4-6 hours), immerse the gel ball in water first is more recommended.
  2. Charge the battery at the same time
  3. Don’t be idle at this time, read the installation guide, and assemble the orbeez gun according to different gun types
  4. After the installation is complete, place the battery
  5. Then put the soaked water bead into the magazine
  6. Finally, enjoy your time outdoors