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QBZ-95 Electric Brust Water Gun High Pressure


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The QBZ-95 Electric Burst Water Gun High Pressure is a formidable water blaster designed for ultimate soaking fun. Crafted with a durable nylon body and electronic components, this water gun is built to withstand intense water battles. Measuring 81*13*38 cm and weighing only 620g, the QBZ-95 is lightweight and easy to handle, ensuring you can maneuver swiftly during water skirmishes. Its compact size allows for a comfortable grip and precise targeting, giving you an edge over your opponents.

With a shooting distance of 6-8 meters, this water blaster has an impressive range, allowing you to hit targets from a distance. Whether you’re engaging in backyard water fights or competing on a larger scale, the QBZ-95 ensures you can soak your opponents with accuracy and power. One of the standout features of this water gun is its pull bolt, which automatically absorbs water. No need to constantly dip the blaster into water or manually refill it. Simply pull the bolt, and the QBZ-95 is ready to unleash a relentless stream of high-pressure water, drenching your foes and securing your victory.

Get ready for thrilling water battles with the QBZ-95 Electric Burst Water Gun High Pressure. Its durable construction, compact size, impressive shooting distance, and convenient pull bolt make it the perfect choice for water warriors who crave excitement and domination in every splash-filled encounter.


  • Size: 81*13*38cm
  • Weight: 620g
  • Material: nylon body + electronic components
  • Shooting distance: 6-8 meters
  • The pull bolt automatically absorbs water

Note: It may take about 3-4 weeks for delivery

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