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Colt Python 357 Revolver Dart Blaster 4 inch Barrel


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Experience the classic elegance and thrilling action of the Colt Python 357 Revolver Dart Blaster Pistol. Crafted with a combination of nylon and metal, this blaster pistol delivers both durability and a touch of luxury with its gold styling. Carry and store your blaster pistol with ease using the included Portable Tactical Case. It ensures convenient transportation and protection for your prized firearm.

Engage in rapid-fire action with the one-click dechamber feature, allowing for quick reloading and continuous play. The metal double-bearing runner ensures smooth and reliable performance, enhancing your shooting experience. Enjoy precise control with the metal double-action trigger, providing a satisfying tactile response with every shot. The metal front sight and metal reel lever contribute to the authentic look and feel of this revolver-style blaster pistol.

Compact and portable, the Colt Python 357 Revolver Dart Blaster Pistol measures 19143.5cm, making it easy to handle and carry during intense battles. With a shooting range of 8-10 meters, this blaster pistol allows you to engage targets from a distance, ensuring exciting and challenging gameplay. It’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Step into the world of action and adventure with the Colt Python 357 Revolver Dart Blaster Pistol. Its blend of style, functionality, and precision makes it a must-have for dart-blasting enthusiasts. Get ready to unleash your firepower and dominate the battlefield!


  • EVA soft bullet
  • 4-inch barrel
  • Material: nylon + metal
  • Portable Tactical Case
  • One-click dechamber
  • Metal double-bearing runner
  • Metal double-action trigger
  • Metal Front Sight and Metal Reel Lever
  • Shooting range: 8-10m
  • Manual single shot