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7-8mm Gel Balls 5 Pack


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The Gel Balls are extremely simple to use! All you need to do is soak the gel balls in water for 4-5 hours before using them; they will enlarge to 7-8 mm, and you can adjust the time accordingly. Because the package is small, you can take the splatter ball blaster wherever you want.

These Water Beads are primarily used for Gel Ball Blaster. When using these Water Beads, you don’t have to worry about recycling the bullets because the pieces will evaporate and disappear without polluting the environment, making them ideal for splatter ball gun ammo. The small colored water balls are made of a non-toxic, all-natural, non-irritating starch-based highly absorbent polymer (SAP).

The Water Beads serve multiple functions in addition to being an ammo for the Gel Ball Blaster. 10,000 pieces per bottle, suitable for home decorations, plant decorations, wedding center decorations, vase filler, tactile toys, preschool kids activities, and so on. It can also be crushed with your hands and used to relieve stress from your daily life. It’s extremely satisfying!

The water bead gun bullets will last up to 3 months if stored in a sealed jar and submerged in water away from the elements and direct sunlight.

5 packs of 10,000 water ball bullets for a total of 50,000 gel gun blaster bullets. More enjoyable and long-lasting passion in shooting games.

*NOTE: Soak for 4-5 hours 


  • 10000pcs each pack
  • 5 Packs in total
  • Blue and Orange
  • Fully grown: 7-8mm


How to use: 

Step 1

Add one pack of Gel Balls and 1000ml water into the same container as a starter. You can also use a smaller container to grow the half package of the water beads and then transfer them to the larger bin once you get the idea of the size. 

Step 2

Wait 4-5 hours, and watch your water beads grow! Watching the water beads is great fun, you can see the level of the ball’s expansions. 

Step 3

After the Water Beads are fully grown, scoop them into the magazine that comes with the gun, and use the Magazine Adapter to connect. Then, pull the trigger and be the winner!

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Blue, Orange