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Best Orbeez Snipers – Gel Blaster Snipers

The orbeez gun sniper is an incredibly popular type of gel blaster among enthusiasts and professionals alike. With its sleek, long design and flashy appearance, it offers a sense of professionalism and power. What makes these guns even more special is their unique features and capabilities. They offer superior accuracy, velocity, and firing range, making them ideal for those who take their gel blasting seriously.

In this article, we will be exploring some of the best Orbeez gun sniper models available on the market. We have carefully tested and evaluated dozens of different models to determine which ones offer the best performance and features. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, you’re sure to find a model that suits your needs and preferences. So, if you’re looking for a high-performance gel blaster that will take your game to the next level, be sure to check out the best Orbeez gun snipers on the market.

1. AWM Orbeez Sniper Rifle  ($239.98)

Make a futuristic impression at your next orbeez game with the AWM Orbeez Sniper Rifle. What we like most about the AWM Sniper is the premium material which makes it look and feel like a genuine sniper. Built with high-quality nylon ABS construction, it feels close to a real gun. The cool gun which features classic push-pull loading is designed for precision aiming and accurate shots at a firing distance of 20m. Suitable for fighting in the wild, it’s a great toy for relatives and friends to interact with. Furthermore, its solid body adds to its durability and functionality, making it a top-performing gel blaster with an average FPS of 250.

Firing ModeManual
MaterialNylon ABS Construction
Firing Distance20m

What’s Included:

  • 1 x JY AWM Bolt Action Manual Sniper Rifle Gel Ball Gun
  • 1 x Magazine
  • 1 x Scope
ProsThick Solid Body
Premium Nylon ABS Construction
Like A Genuine Sniper
High Performance – 250 FPS
ConsA Little Heavy

2. Remington MSR Sniper Gel Blaster  ($329.98)

Welcome to the new era, with the Remington MSR shown here. This blaster combines metal with nylon and very hard plastics to provide exceptional internal and external quality. The bolt is made of metal, as are the internals, as well as the trigger, buttstock adjustments, and barrel, to name a few badass features. The Remington MSR is the best sniper rifle gel blaster model on the market right now! It also includes an electric-assisted magazine, as well as its own battery and charger. It averages around 250FPS with the standard spring, and of course, increasing your spring size will definitely increase your FPS. We personally recommend using Alpha King gel balls with this blaster to ensure peak performance at all times. You will also be averaging 20-30 meters away from the box.

Power TypeManual Bolt Action
Magazine TypeBattery Powered
FPS (Short Barrel)Approximately 260
FPS (Long Barrel)Approximately 240
Firing Range65 Feet

What’s Included:

  • 1 x Remington MSR Sniper Gel Blaster
  • 1 x Gel Ball Magazine with battery and charger
  • 1 x Safety Glasses
  • 1 x Extended barrel
ProsHigh FPS: 240-260FPS
20-inch and 24-inch Barrel Options
Metal Safety Switch
Folding Buttstock
ConsA Little Expensive

3. DOUBLE BELL Kar98K GAS Powered Gel Blaster ($579.00)

If you want a gun with a special texture, this wooden piece is what you are looking for. The Double Bell Kar98K GAS Powered Gel Blaster is a high-quality, realistic replica of the famous KAR 98K rifle used in World War II. Wood is rare in snipers and reflects your desire for texture. Based on classic real sniper, the external and internal structure of this Double Bell Kar98K are well made in detail. Sniper parts are manufactured by high-precision mold to ensure high quality and hand feel. The sniper supports bolt action that offers inherent potential for superior accuracy and precision, as well as ruggedness and reliability. After assembly, it will be an excellent model and background decoration. It is a great gift for a birthday party, valentines day, homecoming season, Christmas, Thanksgiving season, and other occasions.

TypeGas Powered / Bolt Action
Gas TypeGreen Gas
MaterialSolid Wood and Metal Construction
FPSOver 400
Firing DistanceUp to 35m

What’s Included:

  • 1 x DB Kar98K Gas Powered Gel Blaster
  • 1 x Bolt
  • 5 x Shells
  • 1 x Basic Pack of Gels
ProsHigh Accuracy and Precision
Adjustable Metal Iron Sight
Super High FPS: 400
Long Firing Range: 35m

4. DOUBLE BELL VSR10 Sniper   ($479.99)

Here introducing another orbeez sniper with an outstanding appearance from the brand Double Bell. High-end metal elements can be seen all over the body of this VSR10 sniper rifle, including the barrel, bolt, receiver, scope rail mount, trigger, and trigger guard. However, the stock and hand guard are manufactured from smooth wood and equipped with 2 sling swivels and a bipod mount, which give the gun a unique texture. The barrel also features a thread adapter for the silencer suppressor, upgrading your gaming experience. 

TypeSpring Powered
Firing ModeSingle
MaterialFull Metal Bolt & Barrel. Real Wood Body
FPSUp to 300 
Total Length111cm
Inner Barrel Length454mm
Inner Barrel Inner Diameter7.5mm

What’s Included:

  • 1 x VSR-10 Spring Powered Real Wood Gel Blaster
  • 1 x Magazine (10 Rounds)
  • 1 x Carry box
ProsHigh-Quality Smooth Wood Finish
High FPS: 300 
Adjustable Hop Up

5. GJ KAR 98K Bolt-Action Sniper Gel Blaster ($79.99) 

If you like the KAR 98K model but the aforementioned one from Double Bell is out of your budget, you can choose this orbeez gun from Gang Jiang as an alternative. The orbeez gun sniper is also modeled after KAR 98K, but it is spring powered with 200 FPS, which makes it relatively less powerful than most gas-powered sniper gel blasters. However, it is not always frustrating because less power means it is safer for beginners to cope with. The gun also comes equipped with adjustable iron sights, an 8x magnifying scope, and a foldable bipod for stability. A removable silencer is included for stealthy operations.

TypeManual, spring-powered, bolt-action
MaterialHigh-quality ABS Plastic
Shooting distance20m

What’s Included:

  • 1 x GJ Kar 98k Gel Blaster
  • 1 x Magazine
  • 1 x Magnifying Scope
  • 1 x Suppressor
  • 1 x Bipod
  • 1 x Strap
  • 1 x Safety Glasses
  • 1 x Basic Pack Of Gel Balls 
ProsEconomical Among Orbeez Gun Snipers
Adjustable Iron Sight
Removable Silencer
8x Magnifying Scope
Novice Friendly
ConsLess powerful: 200FPS

6. GJ Mini Manual Sniper Gel Blaster   ($14.99) 

Are you choosing a sniper gel blaster for your child or a friend who is new to the orbeez gun arena? The GJ Mini Manual Sniper Gel Blaster is right here to lend a hand. The toy gun, a miniature version of the full-sized blaster, features a mild 110 FPS, which is safe for a newcomer to start the game. The GJ Mini Manual Sniper Gel Blaster is a compact and portable gel blaster that is designed with affordability and safety in mind. This might not suitable for those who seek high-powered action and rapid-fire shooting, but it still gives a fun and safe experience for most users.

TypeManual / Spring Powered / Single Shot
MaterialABS Construction
FPSUp to 110
Firing DistanceUp to 10m

What’s Included:

  • 1 x GJ Mini Manual Sniper Gel Blaster
  • 3 x Targets 
  • 3 x Nerf Darts
ProsMini Size
Safe and Kids Friendly
ConsLow Power
Not Suitable For Enthusiasts Who Seek For Adventures

7. JY SVD Dragunov Sniper Gel Blaster ($149.99)

If you’re looking for a fun and smooth Nerf sniper rifle that doesn’t necessarily offer the best performance, the JY SVD Dragunov Sniper Gel Blaster is definitely one to consider. It is an excellent spring-powered gel blaster with a single-shot firing mode. It’s made of durable nylon and metal, with a realistic imitation wood finish that adds to the overall look. The weighted buttstock provides a comfortable and stable grip, while the automatic electronic mag prime feature allows for quick and easy reloading. The adjustable iron sight allows for precise targeting, and the metal sling point and bayonet mounting point offer additional customization options. The blaster has a firing distance of up to 20m and a velocity of up to 160 feet per second, which is friendly to beginners.

TypeManual / Mechanical / Spring Powered
Firing ModesSingle-Shot
MaterialNylon & Metal Construction
Magazine CapacityApprox 150 Gel Balls
FPSUp to 160
Firing DistanceUp to 20m

What’s Included:

  • 1 x JY SVD Dragunov Gel Blaster
  • 1 x Magazine
  • 1 x USB Charger for Magazine
  • 1 x Safety Glasses
ProsNovice Friendly
Easy To Handle
Removable Muzzle
ConsLess Powerful

8. Galaxy Barrett M82A1 Manual Gel Blaster Sniper ($299.00)

The Galaxy Barrett M82A1 Manual Gel Blaster Sniper is another high-end piece with a full nylon construction and a rubberized finish for a comfortable grip. The gun features a sleek black color scheme, with a solid metal outer barrel and a metal inner barrel to ensure added durability. This makes it a perfect option for anyone who is looking for a realistic, high-quality replica of a sniper rifle. The M82A1 also features a number of attachment points and full-length rails on the top and bottom of the gun, allowing for the easy attachment of various tactical accessories. This makes it a versatile option for those who want to customize their gun to fit their specific needs.

TypeManual (Pull Back Type)
MaterialFull Nylon Construction
Mag Capacity200 Gel Balls
FPSUp To 200
Firing DistanceUp To 30m

What’s Included:

  • 1 x Brand New M82A1 Sniper Rifle Gel Blaster
  • 1 x Magazine
  • 1 x Metal Carry Handle
  • 1 x Basic Pack Of Gel Balls
ProsSolid Build
Cool Look
Large Mag Capacity
ConsRelatively Heavy
Not Portable Because Of Big Size

Invest On A Worthwhile Orbeez Sniper

All things considered, AWM Sniper Rifle Gel Blaster and Remington MSR Sniper Gel Blaster are our top recommendations. Both of these models are suitable for both novice and experienced users, as they offer the perfect balance of power and functionality without being too overwhelming or simplistic. Additionally, these models are affordable, making them accessible to a wide range of users, and they are also beautifully designed and well-crafted, adding to their overall appeal. Whether you are a seasoned pro or just getting started, these best orbeez gun snipers are sure to provide you with a fun and enjoyable experience. Of course, if you have special needs, for example, you are choosing one for a child, or you never mind the price and just want a  product with really high performance, you can refer to our other recommendations.

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