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Professional Gel Blaster Ultimate Guide|Top Picks for CQB in 2023

A gel blaster is a type of airsoft gun that uses small gel balls as ammunition. These gel balls are made of a water-absorbing polymer and are non-toxic, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly. It is a very popular toy gun blaster for children, professional FPS players, and enthusiasts who enjoy the sport of gel blasting. 

What is Professional Gel Blaster?

According to their performance, intended use, different players, and audiences, gel blasters can be divided into Toy Level and Professional Level. Professional-level gel blasters are designed for more serious players, have more impact, and are more accurate. They are typically used in tactical games and competitions, such as professional outdoor shooting games or Close-quarters combat (CQB) games. Additionally, pro-level gel blasters are often used by law enforcement and military personnel for training purposes because of their powerful performance. 

Differences between Pro Gel Blaster and Toy gel blaster

Toy-level gel blasters are typically designed for casual recreational use and are less powerful and less accurate than professional-level gel blasters; it’s designed for light-hearted outdoor play and is perfect for romps. Toy-level gel blasters are widely available in stores and online and are often marketed towards children as toys.

On the other hand, unlike gel blasters designed for children, adult professional players prefer gel blasters with stronger impact, which is more exciting and satisfies our adventurous spirit, requiring a higher level of skill and knowledge to operate safely and effectively. Toy-level gel blasters and pro-level gel blasters are two different types of gel blasters that differ in several aspects, including manufacturing material, shape design, performance, and price.

  1. Manufacturing Material:

Because it focuses more on the safety of child players, toy-level gel blasters are generally made of cheaper lightweight, non-toxic material, such as ABS plastic, making them portable but less durable. On the other hand, pro-level gel blasters are constructed of higher quality materials such as metal and solid nylon, which makes them heavier and more durable.

  1. Shape Design:

Toy-level gel blasters usually have a simpler structure design and colorful appearance; they are often modeled after popular weapons from movies and video games. Pro-level gel blasters have a more realistic design, with attention paid to details such as weight distribution and ergonomic grips; use dark colors to be more tactical.

  1. Performance:

Toy-level gel blasters typically have lower performance capabilities than pro-level gel blasters. On the other hand, Pro-level gel blasters have a more powerful impact and higher performance capabilities, such as higher muzzle velocities, longer range, and greater accuracy.

  1. Price:

Toy-level gel blasters are generally cheaper than pro-level gel blasters. They are affordable for most people. Pro-level gel blasters are more expensive due to their higher-quality materials, better performance, use of excellent component configurations and accessories, and more advanced features.

How to choose the right professional Gel Blaster?

The suitable one is the right one. Choosing the right professional gel blaster involves considering several factors, including the size of the playing area, the style of play, the level of customization desired, and personal preferences. Here are some tips to help you choose the suitable professional gel blaster:

  • Size and Weigh

Choose a gel blaster according to the combat situation, such as choosing a gel blaster that is compact and lightweight in battlefields that require more mobility, making it easy to maneuver in tight spaces. A shorter barrel and a collapsible stock can make it easier to move around corners and through narrow doorways.

  • Muzzle Velocity

CQB typically involves shorter ranges, so a gel blaster with a lower muzzle velocity is preferred to avoid injuring other players at close range. A gel blaster with a muzzle velocity of around 280-300 FPS is suitable for CQB.

  • Magazine Capacity

Opt for a gel blaster with a high-capacity magazine to reduce the need for frequent reloading. A magazine capacity of 200-300 rounds is ideal for CQB.

  • Customizability

Choose a gel blaster that allows for customization to suit your playing style. Features like an adjustable hop-up, different trigger response modes, and a customizable gearbox can improve your performance.

  • Personal Preferences

Ultimately, the right gel blaster for CQB depends on your personal preferences. Consider factors such as your budget, preferred playstyle, and shooting stance when choosing a gel blaster.

Our Top Picks of Professional Gel Blasters

According to the above selection criteria, from materials to performance and even adaptability to different scenarios, we have integrated all aspects of pro-level gel blasters and selected 6 top professional gel blasters.

ARP9 Gel Blaster

ARP9 gel blaster black orbeez gun

The ARP9 Gel Blaster is a magazine-fed gel blaster that features an 18:1 metal gear and an LTD Warinterest v3 gearbox for professional CQB. It has a metal select fire switch allows you to switch between safe, single, and full auto-firing modes. The adjustable butt stock and high-capacity magazine makes it easy to customize and adapt to different playing styles. Weighing in at 2.75 kg, this gel blaster is a solid choice for players who want a reliable and versatile option.

  • FPS: 220-240
  • 11.1V Battery Stock
  • 18:1 Metal Gear
  • LTD Warinterest v3 Gearbox
  • Metal Gears
  • Metal Select Fire Switch (Safe, Single, Full Auto)
  • Adjustable Butt Stock
  • High Capacity Magazine
  • Weight: 2.75 kg

Remington MSR Sniper Gel Blaster

Remington MSR Sniper Gel Blaster

The Remington MSR Sniper Gel Blaster is a bolt-action gel blaster that features a metal inner barrel, adjustable stock, and metal trigger. It comes with a soft, comfortable pistol grip and a folding buttstock for added comfort and stability during long-range sniping. With the option of a 20 or 24-inch barrel, everything is made for long-distance sniping; this gel blaster is a great choice for players who enjoy sniping from a distance. Its electric magazine also allows for quick and easy reloading.

  • Metal Bolt action
  • Electric Magazine
  • Material: Nylon/Metal
  • Metal Inner Barrel
  • 20-inch and 24-inch Barrel Options
  • Soft Comfort Pistol Grip
  • Folding Buttstock

AK47 Electric Gel Blaster

The AK47 Electric Gel Blaster is a classic choice with a sleek design and lightweight build. It has an excellent burst effect, a firing range of 65 – 98 feet, and an FPS of 220-240. With a weight of only 1.9 kg, this gel blaster is easy to maneuver in tight spaces and is a great choice for CQB or mid-range engagements. Its high-capacity magazine also reduces the need for frequent reloading.

  • Firing Range: 65 – 98 Feet
  • Ammo Size: 7 – 8 mm
  • FPS: 220-240
  • Weight: 1.9 kg (gel blaster only)

Scar-H MK17 Gel Blaster

The Scar-H MK17 Gel Blaster is a realistic and durable option with a firing range of 82 – 110 feet and an FPS of 200-250. Its metal construction and design make it a popular choice for players who want a more authentic experience. With its high-capacity magazine and decent range and FPS, this gel blaster is a great all-around option for players of all levels.

  • Firing Range: 82 – 110 Feet
  • FPS: 200-250
  • Ammo Size: 7 – 8 mm

AUG Gel Blaster

AUG orbeez gun pro

The AUG Gel Blaster has an ergonomic design that makes it suitable for long-term combat. It has a firing range of 85 – 115 feet and an FPS of 210-250. Its comfortable grip and customizable hop-up system make it a great choice for players who want to maximize their accuracy and precision on the battlefield.

  • Ergonomic design 
  • For long-term combat
  • Firing Range: 85 – 115 Feet
  • FPS: 210-250

F4 Defense ARS Handguard Gel Blaster

The F4 Defense ARS Handguard Gel Blaster is a sturdy and reliable option with a firing range of 65 – 98 feet and an FPS of up to 270. Its construction is modeled after the real-life F4 Defense ARS handguard, making it a great choice for players who want a more authentic experience. Its lightweight build and high-capacity magazine make it a great choice for players who want a blend of mobility and firepower.

  • Metal & solid nylon construction
  • Firing Range: 65 – 98 Feet
  • FPS: up to 270

The world of professional gel blasting is constantly evolving and advancing, with new models and designs being introduced each year. For those looking for a top-performing gel blaster for CQB in 2023, whether you are a beginner looking to get started in the sport or a seasoned player looking to upgrade your equipment, hope this guide has offered valuable insights and recommendations. By following these guidelines and practicing, anyone can enjoy the excitement and challenge of professional gel blasting.

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