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Do Gel Blasters Hurt?

Gel Blasters Hurt orbeez gun

What is Orbeez? Orbeez are made of a polymer bead that is water-absorbent and, when placed in water, transforms into a ball that is pliable, dewy, and buoyant. Children and adults of all ages enjoy the numerous opportunities for sensory…

Do Gel Balls Dissolve On Impact

Gel Balls

Do gel balls dissolve? This is a question that has been on the minds of many people lately. What are gel balls, you ask? They are small, round pieces of water beads that are often used in the world of safe shooting…

10 Best Splatter Ball Guns for This Summer

Gel Blaster Orbeez Gun

Did you know that some splatter ball gun types are modeled off of some of the classics like the world’s most popular Glock pistol? Orbeez, the soft and squishy bead that can be used for cleaning, creating art, and having summer fun, and that…