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M416 Automatic Gel Blaster


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This powerful M416 automatic orbeez gun allows you to experience thrilling outdoor gaming. It comes with a precise sight accessory and two shooting modes, the main gun frame has a cyberpunk spray paint camouflage treatment, and the detachable gun body is made up of multiple parts. The entire gun body is 28 inches long after it is assembled. Its stability has been improved, and the bottom end of its barrel is equipped with a triangular bracket butt, while the backend gun stock increases the gun body’s supporting force.


There are two shooting modes available with the launch system: automatic and semi-automatic. In an outdoor game, twist the pointer to select the mode. When you choose the automatic mode, all you have to do is pull the trigger, and the gel ball will be fired in bursts. The semi-automatic mode requires you to manually pull the bullet loading puller under the rear sight, and it only fires one shot at a time. Second, the gel blaster’s magazine capacity has been increased, which extends the duration of each shooting game, and the gaming quality has been increased.


  • Double shooting mode
  • Triangular bracket butt
  • Extra magazine capacity

What’s in the box:

  • 1 x M416 gel blaster
  • 1 x Magazine
  • 1 x goggle
  • 2 packs of gel balls
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x rechargeable battery

About battery

Virtual power is included with all rechargeable batteries, they must be charged prior to use. The initial charging time is 3 hours, and subsequent charging times are 2-3 hours. To ensure safety, do not charge for an extended period of time without monitoring.

If you feel the battery power is insufficient while using it, stop using it immediately and replace it with a fully charged battery to extend the battery life. If the battery is overcharged, it will be damaged and will not be able to be used continuously.

Pay close attention once more: the battery charging should be done in an open area with no flammable materials nearby or easy access for children.

Useful Tips

It should be noted that the water bead soaks for more than 3 hours. To diffuse the water bomb, soak it completely; when loading the magazine, try to keep the water as dry as possible. The magazine contains a motor, and prolonged soaking may cause the click to rust.

If the toy has not been used for a long time, the battery should be removed and fully charged; if it is a water bomb toy, the magazine should also be removed, and the water bomb should be poured out to avoid rusting of the magazine’s contact piece and the magazine.