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M870 Shotgun Gel Blaster 2-in-1 Ultimate Review

The M870 shotgun gel blaster is one of the most popular and widely used shotgun gel blasters on the market. It is designed to simulate the look, feel, and performance of a real shotgun, and players can use it for tactical combat simulations. Its prototype and design are inspired by Remington’s shotgun model 870, and its restoration and lifelikeness make it popular. It’s also a toy gun that combines the functions of a gel blaster and a soft bullet gun. This two-in-one blaster is not only extremely popular in the gel blaster market, but also trending among soft bullet players. Today, we will provide a thorough interpretation and review of this blaster via this blog.

The backstory of the M870 shotgun

The full name of the M870 is Remington Model 870, which is one of Remington’s four pump-action shotgun series. This series is a shotgun superstar, and it is still the best-selling pump-action shotgun in US history!

The Remington Model 870 is a pump-action shotgun that was first introduced in 1950 and has since become one of the most popular and widely used shotguns in the world. It was designed to be a rugged and reliable shotgun that could be used for a variety of purposes, including hunting, sporting, and tactical applications. The Model 870 is known for its smooth and efficient pump action, which allows the user to quickly cycle through rounds, and its solid construction, which provides excellent durability and longevity. With its versatility and reliability, the Remington Model 870 has earned a reputation as a true American classic and remains a popular choice among hunters, shooters, and law enforcement agencies.

Remington 870

M870 is a 12-gauge pump-action shotgun with a wide range of applications, including basic, police, and civilian models; the barrel length ranges from 356 mm to 508mm; and it has an extended tubular magazine that can hold 3-7 rounds (M870 gel blaster 2-in-1 comes with 4 ammo shells). The side-ejected version is more common. The manufacturing process adheres to the shotgun’s high standards, such as surface phosphating treatment of metal parts and other new processes, and it is outfitted with new aiming accessories such as oblique sights.

Remington M870, as a close-range lethal weapon loved by law enforcement officers, has super high assault and defensive performance, especially when breaking through buildings, and is extremely durable and reliable under extreme weather conditions Excellent, so it has become one of the favorite guns used by the police around the world, just like SWAT and the US Marine Corps and other special forces like to use the M870 very much. In addition, as one of the universal civilian weapons, M870 is widely used by the common people in hunting, sport clay, and home defense. Hunters especially love the M870. Therefore, whether it is the police or law enforcement officers, even in the field of civil defense, M870 is still one of the most popular shotguns, and it is very common in licensed gun shops.

M870 Shotgun blaster Studio Measured Performance

Even if the official data given by the factory is trustworthy, many players who want to buy the M870 shotgun blaster are worried in some cases, there may be a discrepancy between official data and measured data. In such cases, it is important to consider the official data and studio-measured data to critically evaluate their credibility and accuracy. After receiving the M870 blaster 2-in-1 in our studio, we immediately conducted a comprehensive evaluation and data collection on it. Is there any difference between the official data and the measured data? Continue to Let’s take a look.

Manufacturing Quality – Is the M870 blaster well made?

Reduction: original Model shape vs M870 blaster shape

The M870 blaster is based on Remington’s model 870 as the prototype and design inspiration, except that the above M870 shotgun gel blaster 2-in-1 is based on the prototype and undergoes a gel blaster transformation. In comparison, this gel blaster perfectly restores the appearance and shooting mode 1:1, and its production process and details are very realistic. In terms of performance, when you use this M870 blaster toy game, except for loading ammunition, it is difficult for you to distinguish the actual difference between it and the real gun type in terms of operation and steps.

What’s included

  • 1 x Soft bullet gun
  • 4 x Shell Cases
  • 50 x Soft Bullets
  • 1 x Goggle
  • 1 x Installer
Packing size58*8*20cm
Shooting distance15-20m
MaterialNylon body + metal accessories
Bullet TypeGel ball & EVA soft bullet
Magazine capacity4 shells, 50 soft shells
Shooting modeManual single shot (Shell ejection)

The measured length of the M870 R1 is about 35.5 inches (85cm). The materials used are very high quality, the frame body is made of strong metal and high-quality nylon, and its trigger, ejector, barrel, and chamber are all made of metal. , the overall gun body weighs 1.65 kg. It feels terrific in the hand when you hold it, and you can not only feel its mass and weight but also observe its exceptionally fine details, just like the original real steel version.

It provides a realistic shooting operation mode. Like the original gun, you need to load each shot manually, and then the shell will automatically eject. This manual single-shot shooting mode and shell injection rounds make this blaster very playable.

Is M870 Blaster a powerful blaster?

The official data of the M870 shotgun blaster and the parameters under ideal conditions provided by the factory indicate that its muzzle velocity can reach 200-220 fps. And we conducted the actual shooting test on the M870 shotgun blaster in the studio, and the measured data obtained are: the muzzle velocity of the water bullet is about 208.2 FPS, which is basically not much different from the official data. Secondly, as a pump-action blaster, the M870 can’t automatically fire bursts, but its impact can reach the level of a professional-level electric gel blaster, and its power is much better than the common soft bullet blaster.

Does bullet type affect shooting power?

This M870 Blaster is compatible with both gel balls and EVA soft bullets. We used gel balls and EVA soft bullets in the studio to test the impact of the bullet type on the shooting effect.

Orbeez Gel Ball: The muzzle velocity measured by orbeez ball is 208.2 FPS (63.5m/s).

EVA soft bullet: The muzzle velocity when using EVA soft bullet is 204.3 FPS (62.3m/s).

Pros & Cons of 870 Shotgun 2-In-1 Soft Bullet Gun

By understanding the above-mentioned actual measurement data in the studio, it sounds like this M870 shotgun blaster has excellent performance and no shortcomings. Then it is better to listen to the real feedback from consumers before making a decision.
We conducted a small-scale return interview with 50 consumers, and learned about the use and game experience of these players from one month to three months after purchase, so as to provide a reference for consumers who are willing to purchase. There is some overlap in their views, which can be roughly divided into five types of views. Among them, 3 consumers gave negative feedback, accounting for 6% of the total. Let’s take a look at real player perspectives.

Well Performance74%
Design and Build Quality (including reduction degree)36%
Ease of Use18%
Suitability for Outdoor Games8%
Other and negative feedback6%
No.Negative Feedback
1“The M870 gel blaster is quite heavy and becomes uncomfortable to use after a while.”
2“The magazines have a tendency to jam, which is frustrating during games.”
3“I’ve had some accuracy issues with this blaster.”

Overall Experience

Through work tests and battle games, as well as collecting players’ feedback, overall, its performance has left a deep impression on players. The weight and build quality are top-notch and it’s comfortable to use for long periods of time. The accuracy and range are fantastic and it’s great for outdoor games. The only downside is that the magazines can be a bit difficult to load, but that’s a minor issue in comparison to its overall great performance.

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