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What Orbeez Gun Hurts the Most

Orbeez gun hurts or not here come in all shapes and sizes, with options for children and adults of all ages to enjoy a friendly shootout. These toys have become exceedingly popular recently and for a good reason. They’re simply a barrel of fun to play with as one of the most popular toys today.

However, these toys vary greatly, and so does the pain when you are whacked with one. So, it’s important to understand what you’re getting yourself into when you purchase one for yourself or your child. Not all Orbeez guns are child appropriate.

That’s why today we’re going to take a quick look at what Orbeez gun hurts the most and what you can expect.

But first, let’s take a look at what exactly an Orbeez gun is.

What is an Orbeez Gun?

Toy guns have been around for centuries – almost as long as real guns. There’s something about them that children love, be it a simple squirt gun to the most elaborate Nerf gun, children, and some adults, can’t get enough of them. So, the popularity of Orbeez guns is certainly no surprise.

Orbeez guns, or gel blasters, are toy water guns that shoot Orbeez pellets rather than water. Orbeez, if you don’t know, are small, brightly colored beads that grow when soaked in water. Once soaked, they grow to about the size of your average marble. These expanded Orbeez become soft gel balls that are, for the most part, gentle on the skin, making them so kid-friendly.

Your typical Orbeez gun comes with a reservoir tank to hold hundreds of Orbeez and water. You then fire the toy by pulling a spring loader or pulling the trigger in the case of electric gel blasters.

How to Tell if an Orbeez Gun Will Hurt

When considering how hard an Orbeez gun will hit, you need only consider the foot per second, or FPS, of which the pellet leaves the gun. This can range anywhere from a harmless, child-friendly 100 FPS to a stinging 300. Here are a few gel and ball blasters within the typical FPS range to give you an idea of what to expect from each toy.

When selecting an Orbeez gun, be conscious of the age and stage of development of who’s handling it. Young children should only play with simple, low-FPS designs that are easy to use and the least dangerous.

So, what orbeez gun hurts the most, and which model is relatively safe to you? To help our readers understand these, we’ve conducted a few FPS tests on some of the most popular gun models in the market.

1. Electric AKM 47 Gel Blaster -Kids Version

AKM47 Gel Blaster Kids Version fps from Orbeez Gun

The electric AKM 47 Gel blaster shoots at a safe and gentle 120 FPS. As such, it’s remarkably safe for young children to shoot at each other at even close ranges. This model can fire 300 gel balls per minute over a distance of 50 to 65 ft with a large magazine capacity to play gel blaster games at length without having to stop to reload, perfect for continuous fun.

Overall, this blaster is safe for children, adults, animals, and the object around your home; just about anything is safe around this toy. The pellets and speed are pain-free and appropriate for outdoor play.

2. AWM Sniper Rifle Orbeez Gun

AWM Sniper Rifle Orbeez Gun fps from Orbeez Gun

The  AWM Sniper Rifle Orbeez Gun is quite a different story. This pro-sport-oriented gel blaster is meant for serious, older enthusiasts that are looking to take their play to the next level. This gel blaster is designed to fire gel balls over much longer distances than your typical Orbeez gun. As such, it fires a whooping  280 FPS right out of the barrel.

Naturally, this velocity will decrease quickly over a distance, reducing the sting of impact. However, that means this toy is only appropriate for those old enough to know and understand that.

3. KRISS Vector Gel Blaster

KRISS Vector Gel Blaster fps from Orbeez Gun

As another popular model in the toy gun arena, the KRISS Vector Gel Blaster, whose muzzle velocity is about 220-260 FPS, calls for caution when playing the challenging game. So children, who lack the ability to defend themselves, are not recommended to be exposed to it.

Even for adults, however, it’s a good idea to do some protective work before dealing with the gel blaster. For example, you can wear long sleeves and pants to reduce the pain, unless the thrill is what you are seeking for.

4. M4-CQB Gel Ball Blaster

M4-CQB Gel Blaster fps from Orbeez Gun

The same precautions should be taken with the M4-CQB Gel Ball Blaster, which fires at 260 FPS.

This is another model oriented towards the pro-level enthusiast looking to take their game up a notch. It is designed for relatively close-quarter use, so protective eyewear must always be used when playing with this model. Additionally, the gel pellets can dent cardboard and metal cans at this speed at close range. So, protective padding is recommended to protect the skin to prevent unwanted pain or discomfort when in play.

So, this gel ball blaster is best left to the adults.

5. SIG MPX Submachine Gun Gel Blaster

SIG MPX Gel Blaster fps from Orbeez Gun

Another model intended for the experience gel blaster player, the SIG MPX Submachine gun gel blaster fires at a muzzle velocity of 200 to 260 FPS. Similar to the M4-CQB, this model is best left to older teens and adults that can understand the importance of safety in gel blaster games. Protective equipment is strongly recommended when using this model.

The electric SIG MPX is capable of two firing modes, semi-auto and full-auto with an ammo capacity suitable for pro-level shooting gel plaster competition.

6. AKM 47 Electric Blaster Gun for Pro

AKM47 Electric Blaster Gun For Pro fps from Orbeez Gun

The last on our list is one more pro-level gel blaster, the AKM 47 Electric Blaster Gun, which fires at 220-240 FPS with a designed range of 98 ft. So, it will sting at close range without the appropriate precaution.

This is yet another model ideal for enthusiasts that’ll appreciate a faithful replica of the classic structure of the real AKM47. It comes with two firing models, single shot and automatic burst, thanks to its electric model. As a whole, the model really allows you to feel the recoil from a power suitable for professional competitions.

The Orbeez Gun Hurts the Most

In short, the Orbeez guns that will hurt the most are the ones oriented for pro-level play with high FPS surpassing 250+. These particular models should only be handled by adults that are serious gel blaster enthusiasts. However, as a whole, gel blasters are much safer than paintball and airsoft guns.

If you’re looking to purchase an Orbeez gun, take a look at our catalog.

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